There are lots of lots of areas of interest and ways to be involved at St. Edmond Catholic School.  St. Edmond takes great pride in the fact that our students are very well rounded which shows in the variety of ways they become involved.  Our students have the opportunity to participate in clubs, athletics, music and church in community all at the same time, if they so choose.  We are proud of our students for the time they devote not only to their studies but in the ways they give back to church and community.  


There are many ways our parents can help out too!  We are always in need of volunteers, whether it be in the classroom, our Parent/Teacher Connection  (PTC), athletic and music boosters or in volunteering for governing committees.  We are thankful that our parents are such role models for their children.  That is truly what makes St. Edmond such a special place.  


Interested in one of the Governing Committees?  Details of those committees along with the days they meet are outlined as follows:




St. Edmond Catholic School exists, in part, because of our wonderful family volunteers.  Our parents are very involved and help to make our school such a great place.  By volunteering, parents find  that it is a great way to get to know other families in the system.  There are many things happening here.  One great way to make a difference at St. Edmond is to get involved in the Quality Work Teams (QWT).   These committees lay the groundwork for the future of our system to ensure the best education and environment for our children.  These committees are listed below with descriptions and dates these committees meet.   


Academic/Technology QWT Committee

The purpose of the Academic/Technology QWT Committee is to create a unifying vision for the future academic and technology efforts of the SE system by analyzing student achievement data along with use/need of technology and the public perception of the system.


This committee meets the third Monday of each month at 5:15 pm in the St. Edmond Library


Finance Committee

The committee will serve as an advisory committee to the Holy Trinity Parish Pastoral Council and the St. Edmond Catholic School Board.  In conjunction with the Holy Trinity / St. Edmond Business Manager, the Committee will provide guidance to ensure the financial statement preparation, budget process, accounting, and all related business affairs is properly executed according to established best practices for a Catholic parish and Catholic school. 


This committee meets the Third Thursday of each month at noon at the Business Office


Buildings and Grounds/Safety

The committee will serve as an advisory committee and in conjunction with the Holy Trinity / St. Edmond Facilities Manager, to prepare for and execute an annual review of the properties and recommend a capital plan for the fiscal year. The facilities consist of all the property whether developed or undeveloped excluding cemeteries in which Holy Trinity Parish or St. Edmond Catholic School is named as the owner.  As deemed necessary, this body will suggest projects that are broader in scope than one (1) year.  Long-range planning, preventative maintenance, efficiency, safety, security and handicap accessibility are to be factored into the realm of responsibility.

The committee will discuss and advise the school board on all matters, attitudes, and actions that both generally and specifically help to insure a safe environment at Saint Edmond.

This committee meets on the 4th Thursday of each month at 5:15 at the HT/SE Business Office Conference Room.


Policy Committee

The purpose of the Policy Committee is to create a clear, well communicated process for creating and reviewing the School’s policies as a way to provide continuous improvement to the governance of St. Edmond Catholic School. 


This committee meets as needed


Spiritual Life/Student Life

The purpose of the QWT for Spiritual Life Committee is to assist our faculty and students in their spiritual growth and support the Catholic identity of St. Edmond Catholic School.  Special care is given for communication and collaboration between the pastoral staff of Holy Trinity Parish and the faculty/administration of St. Edmond School.   The committee also supports St. Edmond religion teachers in a particular way, such that the lessons of the classroom also become realized in concrete celebrations of our Catholic Faith.   


This committee will also support and enhance opportunities for student growth.  The Committee will discuss and advise the school board on the following topics:

  • Student opportunities for learning and service in their communities.
  • Creating positive, cooperative interactions between students, faculty, and administration
  • Service projects and recognition for volunteer service


This committee meets the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 5:15 in the St. Edmond Business Office


Enrollment Management Committee

The purpose the Enrollment Management Committee is to ensure the Saint Edmond Catholic School is being accurately represented through multi-faceted marketing/public relations and working to sustain and further grow our systems enrollment. This committee will provide feedback and insight into the needs for the Saint Edmond Catholic School’s overall marketing, public relations, and enrollment activities. 


This Committee meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at Noon at the St. Edmond Business Office.


For further information, please contact the St. Edmond Business Office at 515=955-6077.