Scrip Program


What is Scrip?   

SCRIP is a program that was started in 2007 to help parents lower their cost of tuition.  It is for everyone.  It helps with your portion of tuition costs whether you receive assistance or do not receive assistance.   All that is required is a little advanced planning of your spending.  It costs no more to participate, just the face value of the gift cards that you purchase.  It is the businesses that give back toward your purchases.  Don't wait any longer.  Try it this year and see how quickly your tuition credit accumulates.  What do you have to lose? Absolutely nothing! Read on to see how this program works!

There are several different ways to order SCRIP

FILLING OUT AN ORDER FORM FROM ST. EDMOND:  You can still turn in your order at school with payment the same as you always have.  The deadline for orders is NOW Monday by 9:00 a.m. Drop off locations are Parish/Business Office, School and the Church offertory. Your order will be ready for pick up or send home with your child on Thursday.

IN STOCK PURCHASING:  There are many local stores and companies that participate in SCRIP. You can come into the SCRIP office during open hours.  It is located in the elementary school room 106.  The quantities are limited to stock on hand however.  If we do not have them in stock you will have to submit an order as the above method.  

ONLINE INFO:   To make ordering from SCRIP more convenient for you, SCRIP can now be ordered online from the SCRIP website.  Just log on to and sign up on the green box labeled "Family Sign Up".  You will be prompted to enter in a user name and password.  Please contact the school at 955-6077 for the user code. 

Now you can sit down and order your Scrip cards at your convenience.  Place your order, then you can print off your confirmation.  You have the choice to either send your check to school for the order or pay with presto pay,  The same guidelines for ordering by Monday by 9:00 a.m. apply to this way of ordering.  The card will be ready either for pickup or sent home with your child on Thursday.

PRESTO PAY is a method where you can have your payment taken out of a designated account.  There is a .15 cent convenience fee for using PrestoPay. You will have to sign up to be able to use either of these methods so be sure to follow instructions carefully.  It usually takes a 3-4 days to get Presto Pay up and running for you.  You can use this presto pay with either ONLINE ORDERING, SCRIP NOW or RELOADING cards.

SCRIP NOW:  Scrip Now is the fastest way to use SCRIP.  You go to the website and select which merchant you would want to order from the Scrip Now list.  Not all companies participate with SCRIP NOW but the list grows continually.  You add the card to your shopping basket then pay.  They will send you a notice that your gift card is waiting in your Shop With Scrip Account.  Open it up.  You can either print the card or download the mobile app RaiseRight from your app store.  After this you are set.  This would be a great method if you went shopping and were not sure in advance where you will be shopping at.  With SCRIP NOW you can buy what you need then head to the cash register and have the clerk scan from the SCRIP mobile website on your phone.  

RELOAD:  You can shop on and also reload old cards.  The card that you reload, however, has to be cards you purchased through the SCRIP program.  This method will also be paid for with the Presto Pay method.  Another fast way to replenish your card supply.

If you haven't used SCRIP now is the time to start.  Scrip is one way to help with your tuition costs that you are responsible for.  It would be easy to receive $250 a year credit toward your tuition just by using it for your gas and groceries.  

Still don't understand the program?  Below are a few YouTube videos that further explain the program.  They are all short little videos that won't take too long to watch.

If there is something you don't understand, please feel free to call 515-576-5182 and talk to one of our SCRIP Coordinators, Lindsay Ehn, Abbie Laufersweiler, or Darci Bangert.   

SCRIP WAIVER - If you are a new user, please print off this form and return to school.  You only have to fill this out one time.

SCRIP ORDER FORM- Print our this order form, fill out your order and return to school  office before Monday at 9:00 for Thursday delivery.

NEW BUSINESS FORM - If you are a business and would like to participate in our SCRIP program, please print off this form and send to the St. Edmond Business office. 

Click Here for Shop With Scrip website

For further questions, please contact:

Lindsay Ehn, St. Edmond SCRIP Coordinator
2321 6th Ave N
Fort Dodge, Iowa
St. Edmond Catholic School RM106
Phone - 515-576-5182
Email - [email protected]