Tuition Scholarship Funds

Lady of Guadalupe Tuition Scholarship Fund:
This fund provides tuition support for students of Hispanic dissent who are attending or are planning to
attend the St. Edmond Catholic School System. Students K-12 are eligible to receive tuition scholarship.

Jacquelynn Ann Oberg Fund of the Holy Spirit:
This fund provides tuition support in amounts up to 25% of the annual tuition for students who are
attending the St. Edmond Catholic School System. Eligible students for this scholarship must be:
a) actively participating in Children’s Rosary Program at a level of participation set by the Saint Edmond
Catholic School System, or b) are upper classmen (Freshman to Senior year) who participate in the
Washington DC March for Life or a significant similar event through travel in a Catholic School provided
or sponsored mode of travel, and who have demonstrated adequate knowledge and understanding of
the pro-life issues by submitting an essay of two or more pages in length to the school on right to life
issues including one or more of the following topics, contraception, in vitro fertilization, stem cell
research, the morning after pill, abortion, and euthanasia.