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Welcome Alums!

We are still here …better than ever and this page is for you!

Here you will find information about fellow classmates, class reunions and just fun stuff happening in the world of St. Edmond.

Our Alumni are a very important piece to the St. Edmond story.  They are our greatest pride and accomplishment. We know we have the best alumni in the world.  Thank you for being part of this tradition and helping us create even more new traditions within our Alumni Community in the future.  Please take some time to update your information on the left.  

The most recent Sharing the Spirit newsletter is posted on this website and is packed with news about St. Edmond and alumni.

St. Edmond is available for you to use for one of your nights for your class reunion.  St. Edmond would a great place to gather with your classmates for the event.  We can direct a tour and classmates can gather in the courtyard or commons to socialize. 

St. Edmond would like to help you out with your reunion and is offering the following services:

  • Assisting with alumni addresses.

  • Setting up school tours.

  • Assistance with setting up websites or Facebook pages.

  • Assistance with any local business you would like to book for your reunion.

  • Reunion listed in our Sharing the Spirit Newsletter.

  • Reunion listed on our website.

  • Using our St. Edmond facility for your social.

  • Put a link to your class Facebook page on the St. Edmond website.

When you start your planning process, please get ahold of me and let me know what the date or dates are going to be so I can begin to help you spread the word.  Contact Susan Laufersweiler.  I would be more than happy to help out any way I can.   When you are done, we ask that you help us update our database with any changes to our listings.  Also, keep in mind that we love to have pictures to share with other alumni about your reunion on our website or in our Sharing the Spirit newsletter.

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