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to St. Edmond Catholic School's Development Director, Susan Laufersweiler.  If you ever have any questions on how you can support our cause, please feel free to call or email Susan.

My Story

Susan is a 1996 graduate of St. Edmond who has spent the last 21 years teaching elementary at St. Edmond.  Susan is here to assist with all aspects of giving, planned and deferred gifts as well as all forms of current giving, be it cash, stocks, property, etc.  She is ready to help donors find the best way to contribute to the Saint Edmond system.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Phone: (515)955-6077

Ways to Give

St. Edmond is a private school and depends on funding from several sources; development fundraising, parish contributions, and parent tuition costs.  

The total cost to educate a child is $9,273.00.  

  • All families receive the benefit of the parish funding of which they take care of 26% of the cost of each student.

  • Development contributes 26% of the cost per student.

  • Parents are responsible for 48% of their student's costs.

The Development Office has two major campaigns throughout the year; Partners in the Spirit and the St. Edmond Ball which is always held on the 1st Saturday in May.   Our students benefit greatly from these two campaigns which help to decrease our families' tuition.
We hope that you will also consider contributing to our programs.  

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