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  Positive Points from the SE Library!

       Congratulations to the 2017 SE Graduating Class!  May you continue to love the gift of reading inspired by your family and the SE family! 

There is a Money Smart Scholarship available to any Senior willing to text an answer to seven questions.  Take a look at the posters in the library windows!

          Thank you to those students that have been showing responsibility by returning books to our library!  It is a great place to share our love of reading when books are returned promptly!

          Overdue notices have been sent home regularly in the past few weeks.  We only charge if the book is lost or ruined.  Thank you for your cooperation!

          As our year comes to a close, we look forward to our summer and look to our public libraries to feed our reading appetites!  They each have a summer reading program and will welcome all book lovers! 

Reading a book a week is a great start to a summer reading goal!

MS  Book Chats have been a part of 21st Century Skills classes so each day there is a group that reads or chats about books.  Reading will be even more essential in the future! 

Plans for next year include:  Bring a Grown Up to Library Class, Book It! Reading Incentive Program, Annual Book Fair during Catholic Schools Week, Literacy Night, Book Character Day,  increasing the use of the Makerspace area, a weeklong visit from our ISU FLEX Truck, increasing our collection based on need.   We have found Amazon to be a terrific vendor for purchasing books as well.  Check out our wish list there .  After getting to the Amazon website, enter Beth Biedenfeld,  in the Wish List search engine then click on St. Edmond.  Thank you to stakeholders for the recent purchase of two Ipads for use in the library!  What a great addition for our students in learning at all levels!

Last day for checking out media or library materials is Fri., May 19! L  All fines for lost/unreturned books needs to be paid before May 26.

Have a great GAEL summer everyone!  Spread the good word about SE and see you in August! 

Until next time … keep reading!

Beth Biedenfeld (bee-den-feld)

 Hungry Readers are Happy Campers!

About Your SE Library/Media Center 

Hours are 7:45-3:45 each school day.  
All food and drink not permitted during these hours - thanks for your consideration!

Students at SECS have access to the following: 

  • At least 6 charging stations.
  • Makerspace available with three work tables.
  • Comfortable/quiet place to study 
  • Production/studio rooms
  • Thousands of nonfiction and fiction books to checkout.
  • New Ebooks available, just access the card catalog on your own computers.
  • Two laptops, two HP computers and two Ipads.

Students sitting at Library Table

  • In addition, students access the card catalog on computer using the Library World (Online Public Access Catalog) program. SECS also has an excellent and up-to-date reference collection
  • Students have access to online reference subscriptions through AEA on-line including GeneralONE File, SIRS Researcher, Britannica Digital Learning and BookFlix along with so many more. Also Mackin Via is great for students to create their own back pack with book downloads.  AEA username and password are copyrighted so those have been provided to each student through their teachers or the library associate.

Future Goals for the Library/Media Center Include:

  •  Purchase new furniture as needed
  • Continuing to upgrade the our library collection including ebooks!
  • Keep adding to our fiction collection including ebooks!
  • Increasing access and circulation of our Christian/Catholic collection
  • Updating the atmosphere and look of our Library/Media Center
  • Receive new offerings via Iowa AEA Online.

Thank you!


Several Students Sitting Around Library Table


Book Fair

We are so thankful for our parents and stakeholders that support our school's library!