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TK - 12th Grade Re-Enrollment 

Key Information 

  • Re-enrollment opens on February 1, 2024. 

  • You can enroll a new student at any time in Infinite Campus.


Step 1

Login to Infinite Campus. (NOTE: It needs to say St. Edmond (Fort Dodge) at the top otherwise you are at the wrong URL)

(If you don't know your password or can't remember login please contact the school at (515) 955-6077)

Step 2

After you are logged in Navigate to the "More" and then select the "Online Registration"

OLR More.png
New or Existing.png

Step 3

After you select the Online Registration in the above step it will open a new window. you will then have the option to either re-enroll an existing student for the next school year or enroll a new student that has not attended St. Edmond. 

Step 4

Follow along with the Online Registration and change or update anything that has changed. After completing the registration you are all done. If we need any additional information from you we will call or email you.

Image by Brett Garwood
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